Underwater Video Camera


Ocean Research
Long-term Marine Observations
Freshwater Lakes and Streams
Environmental Protection

Telepresence & Education
Aquariums & zoos
Commercial exhibits
Conservation educational organizations
Live Webcams

Monitoring, Surveillance
& Security

Water treatment
Oil drilling
Nuclear monitoring
Corrosive material transporting
Other security applications
Other underwater video monitoring

Promotion & Advertising
Aquarium Webcam Live Streaming
Resort promotion
Cruise ships
Cause-related marketing

Virtual aquariums
Digital signage

Shark Week's SharkCam -- Animal Planet Live

Live video high-definition cameras at the National Aquarium allow you to view sharks. [click]

OPT designs and manufactures a full product line of high and standard definition underwater IP video equipment. Products include: cameras, underwater lighting, remote power systems, data recorders and wireless network components. Originally designed for research with manta rays, the OceanCam is now being employed in research, education, security and other commercial oceanographic applications. Cameras, underwater lighting and accessories are sold through international distributors and through direct sales staff at the Santa Cruz, California facility

The latest generation of high-definition cameras are now available in the popular AquariCam and OceanCam housings. Choose from 720p or 1080p HD with either 360-degree endless or 340-degree rotation. Optical zoom of either 20x or 28x increases the working range of the cameras.

Underwater Video Camera 2014 Product Catalog
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