First Ever Underwater High-Definition PTZ-IP Camera

January 6, 2010, Ocean Presence Technologies (OPT), Santa Cruz, California announces that the first in a new family of high-definition (HD) cameras are now being delivered. The OceanCam® OPT-10HD, can be controlled and viewed over the Internet. The pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras transmit H.264 compressed 720p video with audio and can be configured to stream live video to thousands of viewers simultaneously.

Building on the proven reliability of our standard definition (SD) underwater cameras, the OPT-10 has several advanced features. The Internet-ready HD camera supports H.264, MPEG-4, and JPEG compression and delivers excellent 16:9 picture quality at 30 fps. The imaging system uses a HD-CMOS with approximately 2 million effective pixels and a 10x optical zoom.

The HD-PTZ can cover a wide monitoring area with great efficiency. It features a high-speed 360° endless pan capability that can make a complete revolution in under one second. With a total tilt range of 210°, this camera is perfectly matched with the hyper-hemisphere dome employed by the OPT-10 housing enabling downward viewing. All cameras have a standard depth rating of 180 feet with special models that can reach 600 feet or more.

Cameras are connected using hPoE (High-Power-over-Ethernet, IEEE802.3at compliant) or fiber-optic marine-rated cables. Solar-powered wireless networks enable remote deployments with up to a ten-mile range. Floating battery packs and wave generator power systems are also available.

The high-definition camera features visibility-enhancing technologies developed to improve performance in challenging lighting conditions. These include high-contrast situations with harsh backlit and fast-moving images in low light.

For more information on our HD-PTZ-IP cameras please visit or email:

Ocean Presence Technologies
OPT designs and manufactures a full product line of high and standard definition underwater IP video equipment. Products include: cameras, underwater lighting, remote power systems, data recorders and wireless network components. Originally designed for research with manta rays, the OceanCam is now being employed in research, education, security and other commercial oceanographic applications. Its products are sold through international distributors and through direct sales staff at the Santa Cruz, California facility.

3 thoughts on “First Ever Underwater High-Definition PTZ-IP Camera

  1. I’m an instructional technologist for the college, doing research on underwater web cams, preferable ptz, for our Marine Center. Your site doesn’t list any pricing with your products. Could you give me a ball park, budgetary number, for the Underwater High-Definition PTZ-IP Camera? Probably won’t want more than quantity 3 or 4.

    Thank you


  2. We are looking for a way to stream live HD quality video from an underwater dive team to a surface transmitter on a float and then wirelessly stream live video to a ship up to 800 feet away. We also need to have duplex audio between the ship and dive team. Any suggestions for how to do this on a minimum budget.

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